Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Kid Bubbles - Bumps

So, like a bat outa hell, I'm back again with another mix. This one I'm calling Bump. I've wanted to put something like this together for a while, but just Haven't had the time or inclination to get the kinks worked out. So, here you go:

This Kid Bubbles - Bumps

1. Masters At work - Work (Chew Fu Remix)
2. Diplo and Buraka som Sistema - Inna De Ghetto (remix)
3. V V Brown - Crying Blood (Hanna Holland Remix)
4. Crookers - Seglia (OH SNAP! Booty Alarm)
5. Fake Blood - Mars vs. Blaqstar (Andy George Mash it up Innit)
6. Frank Sinatra - New York New York (Chew Fu Remix)
7. Jackson Jackson - All Alone (Cutoff Remix)
8. Joachim Garraud - Back from Space (Federico Franchi Remix)
9. Junk Solo- Fist fulla' Bullets
10. Digitalism - I want I want (LAZRTag remix)
11. Edu K - Me Boto Pra Da (STRFCKR remix)
12. Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat (Run Hide Survivor Mix)
13. IAMX - Spit it out (Designer Drugs Remix)
14. Adam Tensta - Dopeboy (Neon Blak GT edit)
15. Roy Parker Jr - Ghostbusters (Super Villians Remix)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Kid Bubbles - Rekons

Hey, kids! It's your friendly neighborhood DJ here. Check out this latest mix. Its got a great house feel, and loads of awesome tracks. What could be better then that?

Get This Kid Bubbles - Reckons

Track List
1. Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl
2. Kanye West - Love Lockdown
3. Little Boots Vs. Optomus - Stuck on Repeat v. It's a Fine Day (Richard X Blend)
4. Theives Like Us - Drung in my Body (The Bang Gang Deejays remix)
5. Mariah Carey - I'll Be Lovin' U a Long Time (Designer Drugs Remix)
6. MGMT - Electric Feel (True Pseudo Remix)
7. Mansion - Of Montreal
8. The Presets - Talk Like That (CFCF Remix)
9. Day N Nite (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)
10. Radio Head - Reckoner (Rune Rk Remadoodle)

That's right, its stable hosted no more Zshare, or Megaupload for me.

Frank Music - 3 little words


DISCODUST has the MP3 of a remix by Boys Noize. DISCODUST ROCKS.
Just so you know.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Everything is Borrowed Review - The Streets Latest Work is Solid

Everything is Borrowed represents the latest from the streets. After exploding internationally with the concept album A Grand Don’t Come For Free, and then seeming to implode with Michael Skinner’s narcissistic ballad ridden follow up, The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living. Everything is Borrowed has been described as “a peaceful coming to terms album,” while the album feels more open and friendly then either Original Pirate Material or The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living, it lacks the intimacy of A Grand Don’t Come For Free. This album is perhaps better if its not viewed as a rap album, but as a spoken word album with rap undertones. The tracks on this record are in some cases achingly beautiful, and the vision that Skinner provides in his work is almost like British version of Kerouac or Ginsberg. Both poets and writers who expressed the rebel sentiments of an intellectual underclass that existed in the United States in the 1950's.

I thought the album highlights would be hard to find when I popped the the album in, but they definitely stand out. The track that kicks off the album sounds has a beat that sounds like a combination of the traditional Streets track, and Kanye West. “Everything is Borrowed” has a philosophical feel and poetic push to it. Its musical structure almost functions as a pop song versus a rap song. Its poetic theme breaks away from the beat scheme at times and tends to wander a bit. Scattered nature of the lyrics, and the amount of singing in the track aside, the poetry of the track is poignant, and beautiful.

“The Escapists,” who’s trip hop influenced beat strides along sides Skinners most epic and personal rhymes on the album. The combination is arguably one of his best songs. While its sounds seem almost infinite, the song never gets away from Skinner who uses it to bring his latest work to a faithful close.

“Alleged Legends,” is an extremely political ballad situated in England’s post 7/7 climate. More over it can be seen an over arching struggle in Europe, which the philosopher Solvaj Zizek writes about in his book Violence, between Progressive Multi-Cultural and nationalism/Islamic Fundamentalism. While the song is highly critical of Islam it never pushes to a direct attack, instead its merely a critique radical fundamentalism, and a plea for coexistence. In some respects it serves to both raise awareness, and serves to deconstruct an us/them diode which can often exists when exploring, and discussing the problems of assimilation, and multiculturalism, in North/south encounters. If that’s too much, not clear, or over your head, All you need to know is that the track has a bouncy beat, a dope Middle Eastern sample, and tight highly political rhymes. This track is good art.

The final track from the album I loved was a ballad of hopefulness and aborted suicide attempts, “On the Edge of a Cliff.” The beats on the tack are extremely jazzy, but rather then falling into a tried (and sometimes true) format, they are rearranged expertly. The result is a solid hip-hope beat, with a powerful force to it, never being aggressive but always pulling emotionally. This pull when combined with the contents of the lyrics, make this song by far the most positive track on the album. It should also be the hold music on any of those suicide prevention lines.

I was pleasantly surprised with this album, on one hand it failed to live up to the high bar set by A Grand. But A Grand is a once in a lifetime album for all but the most gifted and prolific artists. Everything is Borrowed however, cements in my mind, the Streets as an outfit cable of more then just the occasional witty and odd single. Mike Skinner is a poet, and by extension a craftsmen and rap is his workbench, even if it’s just borrowed. I have to say this album has me looking forward to the fifth and final streets offering, which according to Internet buzz will be a return to the darkness and dance floor beats that pushed The Streets into pop consciousness.

Watch Mike's Guide to the album

The Streets - Everything is Borrowed

Just picked up the new Streets album. It's from my first listen it's ok. Not as good as the first two, not as bad as the last one. I'll have a more detailed and finalized review up later. This one for sure, its not as difficult of an album as the Hercules and Love Affair joint.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


That's right this is a repost of some of the mixes I've posted hear in the past.
I've recently acquired stable web space, and so I don't have to worry too much about the files getting dropped, trashed or corrupted. It also means that if you have content you want to get host, you should shoot me an email, and well see about working something out.

This is one of my most recent mixes in which I tried to go hard in sort of a DP style.
get: DJ Bubbles harder

Harder Track List

The Dirty Secrets - 5 Feet of Snow (Miami Horror Remix
jape - I was a man (phones Remix)
Party Shank - Penis vs. Vagina (Shanks Killer Mix)
The Wombats - Back Fire at the disco (South Central Remix)
Turbo Weekend - Just to Get down with you (Eater and Le-T-Coupage mix)
Diplo - Dip Hop
Fagget Faries - Samo Ti (AC SLATER RMX)
Donovan - Yo
Hot Pink Dalorian Feat. Fantastidon - Played Out
Fantastidon - Can't help it
Trash your self and the Toxic Avenger - Song 2

Check out the OG post (link to mix in the post is broken).

HOUSECORE VOL. 1 was a little mix I did when I first started the blog. It was one of my first vinyless mixes. It was really rough, but I loved it a lot (I still do), so i re-did it as HOUSEQUAKE Vol. 1. Both mixes have essentially the same play list. Housequake hasn't been posted here before. So your getting a bonus treat.

Housecore vol. 1
Housequake vol. 1

Track list
1. Axwell and Sebastion - it's true
2. Fuck Yeah
3. Blood Beat Roots - She's a maniac
4. Whitney Huston - I am every women
6. ODB- Got you money (Gingy Remix)
7. Vandalism - Uh-oh
8. Justice - The party (la riot remix)
9. Space Cowboy - Running Away (mstrkrft Remix)
10. Razorlight -Can't stop (tong spoon pure pacha mix)
11. Arman Van Helden - I want your soul (Tommy Trash Remix)
12. Mojo -Chillin (Buffalo Bunch Remix)
13. Arman Van helden - I want your soul (fake blood remix)
14. Rich boy - Throw some d's (ESTAW fix mix)

This Kid Bubbles - Believe(S) in the power of voodoo is the most recent mix I've made. Its admittedly a scatter shot mix stylistically. I still like it though,its got some dope tracks especially the last bits.

Track list.
1. Kelly Polar - Magic Dance
2. Cryptonites - Can't Give you up (kill the noise remix)
3. Ma$e - Feels So good (MOM_DAD RMX)
4. Kriss Kross - Jump (Dave Dirt Remix)
5. TLC - Creep (Norrit Remix)
6. Busta feat. Lincoln Park - We made it (chew Fu Remix)
7. Cold Play - Violet Hill (Cryptonites Remix)
8. Protokoll - Moving Forward (Designer Drugs)
9. Symbol One - Love Juice (Moulinex Remix)
10. Les Rhymes Digital - Sometimes (computer Club extended rmx)
11. ????

Let me know what you think
Get This Kid Bubbles - Believe(s) in Voodoo.

(Note: This post will be updating as I upload the other mixes, so keep it locked)

Just because

The Cure - Just like heaven.

Chromeo - Needy Girl

As I keep listening to the Chromeo record, my love for it grows. On the other hand, the Black Kids, Party Traumatic has begun to great my nerves. Both albums hark back to the sounds of the 1980's and both are unique variations on similar foundations and themes. I guess what makes Fancy Footwork work better is the smoothness with which the songs are written and recorded. The Black kids for whatever reason have almost a low-fi tinge to them, and this garage feeling takes their work down a notch for all it ads in authenticity. So while Fancy Footwork is most definitely a buy, I would at least give Party Traumatic a spin before spending hard earned money on it. To be fair the black kids are miles above most pop/rock these days.

Check out the main single off their album, "I'm not going to your boyfriend to dance"

Friday, October 3, 2008

Michael Hussein Gregory - Running from your Shadow

OK, this is genius.
I guess its called Running From Your Shadow. Its available for free from his myspace page While his VP debate is no where near as good, the kid definitely has talent in spades