Friday, June 20, 2008

Please take immediate action!

Hi, this is the one and only one time I will put a non-music related political post up on this blog.

The House has recently passed a FISA bill which will grant retroactive immunity to telecommunication companies who illegally spied on American Citizens. I feel extremely strongly that the people should have the recourse of the courts, and what those courts decide should stand. This bill strips that away. Even though the House of Representatives has passed it, it still has to go to the Senate. Only 41 senators have to oppose the bill to filibuster it (or prevent its passage). NOW is a critical time for our nation as the Senate is set to consider the bill next week.

We can make a difference, public outrage over the bill has prevented its passage in the past. If are an American citizen or live in the United States, please contact your Senators and let them know this matters to you.

There is more then enough time to rally support. The bill passed the house, but there is still a weekend before the Senate takes it up. The good news is in the senate you only need 41 senators to block a bill, so we can all make a difference. It's really simple to get in touch with your two senators, and make an impact.

That link will bring you to a page, which will let you contact your senators. It's as easy as posting a comment on a blog. All you have to do is click on your state, and at the bottom of your senators information is a send a comment link. Its super easy. your message doesn't have to be long just let them know that you oppose the bill and that you will appreciate their support of any measure to block its passage.

If you're not a citizen or a resident, there isn't a lot you can do. There are several organizations on the web which are working to popularize this issue. Please search them out and show them your love. I'm thinking of the political wing of the blogosphere, websites like Dailykos, and Huffington post.

Thank you for your indulgence.
Now let's get this over with so we can get back to the music.

Get Franky Knuckles Promo Mix (2000) (via - Real player required.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cof Cof - Spanish Fusion

My apologies for the delay in posting. I've had it written for weeks, but I've been busy with a variety of other tasks. However, with those issues being resolved I am proud to bring you Cof Cof.

Cof Cof is the Spanish duo of ANA ANALÓGICA(Guitar, Bass, Lead Vocals), and ÁLEX CUADRADO (Knob Twister, Drum Robots, and Backup Vocals). Their sound is a dystopic union of Vampire Weekend and Bonde Do Role. From that tension comes an amazing fusion of modern Indy rock, and 8-bit party music. Each song has a distinct combination of stylistic elements that nestle up besides each other, like a tile mosaic made from divergent pieces of marble. The results are captivating, unique, and groovable.

Check out:
Cof Cof - Dirty Tricks (via Zshare)-
In this song the forces that shape Cof Cof combine into a fascinating song about dysfunctional love. The robotic forces form a background that is electro ala Goldfrapp, while the guitar forces strum in with a wicked guitar lick that hooks your soul immediately.

Cof Cof - Caribbean boy (via Zshare)-
In this song the Guitar takes center stage, forming a light airy hook along which the rest of the piece progresses. An added Xylophone and Clap line makes this song great for any summer party and/or barbeque.

You can get the entire EP Who Said Party? here. My favorite track off the album is Forbidden Cocktail.