Monday, April 28, 2008

Tito-Tito - Radical Fresh Thoughts

I've already written about Tito-Tito, and what a talented musician/producer he is. You can re-read those posts, here, here, and here. Today he's hooked us up with a new house track.

Tito was tellin' me about his recent attendance at a folk festival , and it led to discussion of his newest jungle track . I found this on his myspace page looking at his tracks. When I first heard it I just about crapped in my pants. While my pant's thankfully remained clean, I did get out of my chair and do the running man a bit. Radical Fresh Thoughts isn't typical fair for Tito, but he pulls off House style phenomenally well.

Tito's Jungle leanings are evident in the tracks slight tinging of speed garage, and the stripped down melody lines. While keeping it spare and dirty, Tito remains faithful to House's dancibility. That makes his track right at home with some of the more industrial influenced tech stuff coming out of corners of Europe these days. If you're into the darker more spare house music Radical Fresh Thoughts is for you.

Get Radical Fresh Thoughts (Via MEGAUPLOAD)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back in my day we had flat beats

I really wanted to post this video. Mr. Oizo is still around producing tech-break things today, but this was one of the first songs that got me into electronic music.

Long befor I knew what a DJ really did, or the theory and structure of most electronic songs, videos like this inspired me to tap my feat. Later when I went to college music like Flat Beat inspired me to seek out DJ's and learn from them. It was video's like the one post above, and the video for Around the World that got me to buy the albums, find the radio stations, and yes, illegally download the music.

Below I have posted two one more Mr. Oizo video's. Check them it out, and keep it locked. I know I keep promising new mixes. I will get them/it up eventually.

Much love,