Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dance music in the oddest places.

You find the oddest music popping up sometimes when you watch TV. The video above is the Kitty Halftime show from the 2007 Puppy Bowl from Animal Planet (a cable TV channel). It has this crazy disco music in the back ground (although it soon goes from that sounds maybe cool, to lame). I can't help it sharing it.

I am hooked on cuteness now, and must spread the misery. I'm like a crack addict. I can't help going back for more, and collecting shinny objects.

Also check this out! It has a weird Italio soundtrack, and a bunny running around a Golden Lab.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Non-EDM Music

A friend of mine changed her profile music the other day on her myspace page. I of course, being the mystalker that I am, clicked to hear the new piece. Rasputina was the music of my speakers. Rasputina is pretty cool (and hot). They're a cello rock group out of New York, New York. Listening to them reminded me of one of the best concerts I have ever been to, Apocolyptica. They have an amazing new album out that takes them to the next level by adding drums, vocals, and altering their style a bit more for a main stream audiance. The concert was really sweet. It's pretty awesome to see people moshing to Hall of the Mountain King. It was the most packed I had ever seen that venue. They added a drummer into the mix, which gave their music an added punch, and they had a really great European sense of humor.

I was going to post an apocolyptica video down at the bottom of the post, but the embed feature has been disabled. Check out the apocolyptica video channel over at youtube, they have 'em all up there.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

House Music United - Yes We Can (Origional Mix)

To be fair, I jacked this off a post on the ishboard. Anyway, I was listening to it, and it's really pretty good. I am a huge Obama Fan, but am generally skeptical of OBAMARAMAMANIA. I was presently surprised after listening to the this track though. Its really well done. I would describe it as very classic deephouse remix of the Yes we can speech. Very apropriate given the fact that Obama lives in Chicago. Sit back, enjoy, and be inspired.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Seattles Best Wednesday Night - Studio!

There is a night where the dead prowl the dance floor. Rising from their graves to haunt the living with their horrific visages.

The place is Club Havana, a regal bar in Seattle's Capital Hill neighborhood. With its demure feel Club Havana is a perfect place for the evenings Dr. Frankenstein to perform experiments from his perch above the dance floor. TJ Gorton with his Igor, DJ HMA in tow, cobbles together the night with spare parts and found gems. Their morbid explorations sound forth into the streets of Capital Hill and bring out the faithful.

As the night progressed and the liquor flowed, an assortment of hipsters, drunks, revivalists, and passers by gathered under Havana's vaulted ceilings. While the crew was motley, the floor bumped like it was 1978. For those moments we worshipped the beat, the melody, and the witch doctors who brought it all together. Merrily, we danced, oblivious to the crack in time that we had fallen through and become lost in. We, for an instant, enjoyed the hedonism of living in the moment.

You don't need a flux capacitor to enjoy Studio, just $3 (for now). Doors are at 9 typically. The whole ghoulish language was a metaphor for the awesomeness that happens there every wednesday. The people there are really very nice and classy, and the bartenders are great. I'll be headed there next week, and you should too.

Oh, and check out TJ's great blog monster American Athlete.

Much love,
DJ Bubbles

DJ Bubbles - Better/Harder pt. 2 - Harder

When I came up with the concept for Better/Harder, the idea was to make two mixes reflective of the first two words in the Daft Punk song BETTER, HARDER, FASTER, STRONGER. One mix that was funky fresh, and another mix that was a killer hard romp on the dance floor. Where Better failed, Harder delivers. I can honestly say, I am superduper proud of Harder. So, I invite you to download and enjoy.

Get DJ BUBBLES - Harder Via Megaupload (link down)

Harder Track List

The Dirty Secrets - 5 Feet of Snow (Miami Horror Remix
jape - I was a man (phones Remix)
Party Shank - Penis vs. Vagina (Shanks Killer Mix)
The Wombats - Back Fire at the disco (South Central Remix
Turbo Weekend - Just to Get down with you (Eater and Le-T-Coupage mix)
Diplo - Dip Hop
Fagget Faries - Samo Ti (AC SLATER RMX
Donovan - Yo
Hot Pink Dalorian Feat. Fantastidon - Played Out
Fantastidon - Can't help it
Trash your self and the Toxic Avenger - Song 2

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Better/Harder: Part 1

I finished the first part of a mix series I am calling Better/Harder. I should have Harder finished up tomorrow, once I get back from work. Better was an attempt to resurrect French House. Unfortunately, its like a cream filled Danish, where French House is the filling, but there is normal House on the outside too. Maybe its more like a Quiche? Which, is also super awesome, but not what I was ultimately hoping for.

It starts out with a song from Oh! Snap! which is sorta my theme song. Definitely stick around for the second track. Boy Girl Surrender is gonna be the first floor killer of the summer, its up on Discodust right now. Moulinex's song Leisure Suit is probably my favorite on the mix, but he's not consistent in bringing that level of funk. I guess La Roche is bringing back some of the sweet French style right now with his stuff. Kid's only 17. To sum up what I am trying to say, there is loads of good stuff on this mix, so enjoy!

Oh yeah, shout out to Hamburg!

Get DJ BUBBLES - Better (46:07, 84.4 MB) Via Megaupload.

Better Track List
1. Oh Snap! - I'm to fat to be a hipster
2. Pony Pony Run Run - Boy Girl Surrender (Summer Edit)
3. Mondo - Alive (PH Electro Mix)
4. Hot Pink Delorian - Miami Snatch
5. Moulinex - Break Chops
6. Mercuriust - When you Go Out (FM Disco Love mix)
7. Moulinex - Leisure Suit
8. Louis La Roche - Love
9. Louis La Roche - Do you Remember
10. Gonzales - Working Together (Boyz Noize Vox Mix)
11. Sinusmo - Lizi
12. T2 feat. Jodie Aysha -Heart Broken (WAWA mix)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Filter Freq!

Fliter Freq is one of the better producers that you've never heard of. He's only done a few high profile remixes, so he's still under a lot of people's radar. His production work is solid though and givin' some more time and exposure I think he'll be at the top of the game. He's probably one of the few people doing what it is that he does, which is produce house music that's striaght outta the chi-town school with a classic twist. It's all about that Chicago House.

Below I've posted a video.

Fliter Freq is keeping house alive, check out Knotrast Records for more info.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I don't care, I love this stuff anyway.

This post is very un-house related. Its not even about EDM, its about another sort of dance music, post-punk/folk dance rock. That's right, stuff like Devotchka, and Gogol Bordello. Specifically, I can't get this track from Jason Webley out of my head. I've seen Webley play live before, and it is a show. I've posted a video below of one of his performances.

Webley's performances are really off the hook.It's like Captain Jack Sparrow, backed by some of the people I went to school with at Fairhaven(some of them might actually be part of his band when he plays with one). He goes out of his way to get the audience as involved as possible. That sort of art doesn't happen all that often. Artist enjoy a comfortable anonymity within a consumer model of artist/audience relations but Webley goes the extra-mile in his shows.

I really got into some of the gypsy jazz that was popularized in the wake of the big band/ska revival in the mid 90's. There's even a great band I won't write about here other then a name drop called Bar Tabac that you should all check out. This stuff feels different though. Instead of a revival it feels like Django Reinhardt got in a fight with Junior Senior. I think that's more entertaining then anything WWE can come up with. As a added bonus, most of the performers are legendary. Gogol Bordello has a reputation similar to Iggy Pop and/or the stooges at their height.

This cover of Venus in Furs by Devotchka has a great almost break beat feel to it.

Of course the masters of this type of music is Gogol Bordello. Um... they rock.

I'll leave you with the word's of David Bowie.

"Let's Dance."