Friday, April 24, 2009

Matt and Kim

I'm not sure how they did this, or what it means, or if it all isn't just some attempt by the global nudist conspiracy to brainwash us out of our pants, but I like it. Its Matt and Kim's latest official music video, and its pretty cool.

KUTIMAN - Thru you

Kutiman, or Ophir Kutiel is HUGE right now. An musician and video artist from Israel, hes created a whole record cut from Youtube videos. As a result of this pure creativity he has been getting huge media attention. His youtube channel has won tons of awards for the traffic its getting right now.

I jacked the video above from palmsout. Its got a great break beat feel to it that just swings. Add in the creativity of the music, and the sweet video, you've got pure magic. In industry speak, "its a hit, baby!"

Cof Cof... SAFARI!

Cof Cof is back with a new mini-EP, Safari. Its the same indy-electro hybrid as last time, updated with a fuller and darker synth sound. Even though Safari is a darker album then Who Said Party. The combination is as intriguing as it was the first time I heard one of there tracks. Cof Cof keeps moving forward.

I've chosen two tracks to feature. First up is T-shirt. It highlights perfectly the new trend the album has taken. The sound is slightly darker, but its still a classic Cof Cof Party jam.

Get: Cof Cof - T-Shirt (mp3)

The second track is Suffering Safari. It's a great blend of Electronica and Indy rock. The guitars are pretty heavy, at the same time it has an almost hovertastic synth line thats developed. Its pretty angry. I don't know if they are just against Safari's or if there is some sort of cathartic metaphor going on in the song, but I can dig it either way. It reminds me of a Hemmingway short story I read recently.

Get: Cof Cof - Suffering Sufari (mp3)

Its a great album for after the grill has cooled, while your sitting out in the summer night sky sipping a Corona, or Miller Chill.

Their ablum is available for a limited time only here. (zshare)

Check out there myspace here!

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Auto-tune the News - New Video from Michael Gregory

It's wackey, its weird, and its all good.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009