Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Chrome-o-o-o-o-o

Chromeo, and assorted remixes have been floating around the blogosphere for almost two years now. I saw their extremely reasonably priced double disc Fancy Footwork (Fancier Footwork edition) and immediately picked it up. The CD did not disappoint. While Chromeo has become almost brotronica, the CD its self is written more from a nerd's perspective, while the relationships and gallivanting are focuses of many of the songs, lines in them, and the other songs couch Chromeo as real, rather then just a bunch of Canadians trying to be prince. The reality and self doubt combined with the humor in their songs, leads me to believe that their are great things in store for Chromeo.

The Fancy Footwork album kicks off with a bang, in the build of of an introduction track that creates tension which is then immediately sliced with their blow out hit "Tenderoni". The second discs contains three aditional tracks, and a variety of remixes, including MSTRKRFT remix of "Tenderoni" which blew the blogs wide open. The second disc also contains remixes by the likes of the Crookers, and DFA.

Chromeo has created a music experience that will have you busting out the fancy footwork. If you're a nerd like me you'll find reflections of the album in your own life. Call me up, Girl. This album most definitely needs your attention, like a Needy Girl.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

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Friday, August 15, 2008

I was a cub Scout - Pink Squares

I found this video last night while looking for something else. It's super charming. If I wasn't off to see pinapple express I would totaly go pick up the album tomorrow. Keep checking back, I should have a review of the new atmosphere album soon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vampire Weekend

I've taken to buying CD's of late. One of my most recent purchases was Vampire Weekend's self titled cd. While I can't stop listening to the CD, its mostly because the album is scientifically engineered to seep into the brains of people like me. The album its self is a bit of a waste of money. While the singles and 1 or 2 other songs are extremely catchy the song writing is lack luster and at points songs seemed strapped together.

My first doubts about the album arose at the second song in the album,"Oxford Comma." In which the Columbia graduates bitch about how people who graduated from Oxford are pretentious assholes. Aside from this unintended irony. Other songs on the album fail to stand up. As I listened more closely I found that even songs that I really enjoyed, like "A-Punk" (pretty much the song of the summer if you asked me), had the same shoddy craftsmanship and air of pretension around them. If you listen to the the song you realize that the mix of A-Punk has the guitar line at the same level as the lead vocals, and if you listen closer you can hear the reason why. The singer can't quite maintain quality in the range in which he is singing. I really like pretentious music with insider references, but despite that this album was hard to relate to for a west coast state college grad like myself.

That said the album does have its high points. Both "A-punk" and "Mansford Roof" are extremely original, and very catchy. The albums love ballads such that they are have great turns of phrase even if in the end the short sighted construction can do them. Both "Bryn" and "Campus" are pretty cool songs, even if "Campus" leaves me feeling lost by the end, Bryn has my favorite line in the album. Despite its flaws the album is a load better then most of the stuff that's being put out right now.

The Guys over at sound opinion's on NPR have a buy, it burn it, trash it scale. Vampire weekend despite the hype, is a burn it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

This Kid Bubbles Believes in Voodoo

New mix folks. I've altered my handle a tad. I like making sentences and eliminating redundancy. So there we go. I give you This Kid Bubbles.

So, new mix. I set out to make something super bangin' and raw, but trashed it and wound up with something that's more ecletic. I hope y'all enjoy.


This Kid bubbles - Believe(s) in Voodoo [Via Megaupload]

1. Kelly Polar - Magic Dance
2. Cryptonites - Can't Give you up (kill the noise remix)
3. Ma$e - Feels So good (MOM_DAD RMX)
4. Kriss Kross - Jump (Dave Dirt Remix)
5. TLC - Creep (Norrit Remix)
6. Busta feat. Lincoln Park - We made it (chew Fu Remix)
7. Cold Play - Violet Hill (Cryptonites Remix)
8. Protokoll - Moving Forward (Designer Drugs)
9. Symbol One - Love Juice (Moulinex Remix)
10. Les Rhymes Digital - Sometimes (computer Club extended rmx)
11. ????

Let me know what you think