Sunday, February 8, 2009

Debate Music

I've been judging a lot of debate recently. It's good times. I spent a lot of time involved with the activity. I've also been listening to Pandora, and the other day Dispatch came on to the station I was listening two. Adding those two factors together, this post emerged. What I mean is... well you'll see. There was a lot of Dispatch blasting in Big Blue (the debate van and super computer).

Some Songs I used to listen to to psych me up.

1. Dispatch - The General
2. Saul Williams - Pledge to Resist (DJ Shadow Remix)
3. NOFX - Francounamerica
4. Rage Agianst the Machines - Renegades of Funk
5. DJ Shadow - Six Days
6. Dead Prez - They Schools
7. KRS One - The Sound of the Police
8. Deltron 3030 - Battle Song
9. REM - End of the world
10. The Decemberists - 16 Military wives
11. MC Front-A-Lot - Special Delivery (single mix)
12. MC Lars - Space Game
13. Atmosphere - Party for the fight to write