Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Submit to the Effect!

If you would like to submit content to The House Effect whether it’s a track, EP, mix, or performance. Follow the directions below:

Update I put money down on a webhost.
The new instructions are as follows.
1. Email me with a link to a sample of your material. It can be whatever format you want. You can even email me the track.
2. I'll email you the PW and log in for the FTP.
3. Wait for me to write a post about your song, mix, whatever.
4. pretty much the same as below.

1. Zshare or megaupload that shit (or both).
2. Email me with: The track link, some biographical info/promo material
3. Wait for me to write a post about you, your music, ect.
4. Receive your bounty

It's better then one of those free laptop scams!

That is all.

1 comment:

Nav said...

So I can post mixes here, then (if you deem them good enough)?